08-40-2020 Financial Housekeeping Appropriation Ordinance

08-38-2020 Amend Zoning District Parcel from AR to SU Ordinance

08-39-2020 Levying Assessments for cutting of weeds Ordinances

07-34-2020 ODOT Remove and Replace varioy damage signs Resolution

07-35-2020 GOV DEALS Agreement sell and dispose of property Resolution

07-36-2020 Public Service ODOT Contract for Road salt Ordinance

07-37-2020 Guidelines for Illicit discharge to separate storm sewer system Ordinance

07-28-2020 Adopting the City Budget 1-1-2021

07-29-2020 Pickaway Progress Partnership P 3 defer the 2020 payment Ordinance

07-30-2020 Safety Forces allocation of funds Reduced for 2020