Food Trucks

All Food Trucks/Trailers/Push-Carts must obtain a license and a permit prior to operating in the City of Circleville. These are specific to the City of Circleville and are required in addition to any licensing/permitting required by the state, the health department, or any other regulating agencies.

Step 1. Apply for a License

The license registers your food truck/trailer/push-cart with the City. This DOES NOT allow you to operate. A permit is required to operate in the City.

There are 3 options for a license, depending on your operations in the City:

  • Monthly ($10)
  • Semi-Annual ($20)
  • Annual ($30 w/ $10 annual renewal)

The information you will need to submit for the license includes:

  • Applicant Information
  • License plate #
  • Truck dimensions
  • Federal Tax ID or Social Security #
  • Transient Vendor’s License # (if selling anything other than food)
  • Insurance Information
  • Proof of correct fire extinguisher

Step 2. Apply for a Permit

There are two different types of food truck/trailer/push-cart permits. The type of permit you must apply for depends on where you will be operating your food truck/trailer/push-cart. Both types of permits cost $10 and are valid for any three (3) consecutive days in a seven (7) consecutive day period. A separate permit must be obtained for each new period of operation or new location. The CS (Community Service) Zoning District is exempt from permits.

Food Truck Zoning Permit: when operating on private property

Food Truck Right-of-Way Permit: when operating in the public right-of-way (ex. street parking space)

Step 3. Operate your Food Truck/Trailer/Push-Cart!

Applications can be submitted at:
Department of Public Service Office
104 E Franklin St
Circleville, OH 43113
Contact us:
Hannah Wynne: Zoning Inspector/Code Enforcement
Email | 740-477-8224