Mobile Food Vendors

All Food Trucks/Trailers/Push-Carts must obtain a license and a permit prior to operating in the City of Circleville. These are specific to the City of Circleville and are required in addition to any licensing/permitting required by the state, the health department, or any other regulating agencies.
Food Tents must obtain a temporary Structure Permit.

How to Submit Applications:

  1. In person – Our office is located at 104 E Franklin St. Our hours are 7:30am – 4:00 pm. Stop by to drop off permit applications and pay the permit fee. We accept cash, checks, and cards.
  2. By Mail – Send in the permit application and a check for the fee by mail. Attn: Planning & Zoning Department, 104 E Franklin St. Circleville, OH 43113
  3. Remotely – Email the permit application to Hannah Wynne, Zoning Inspector, here. Payments can be made with card over the phone at 740-477-8224.

Food Trucks/Trailers/Pushcarts

Step 1. Apply for a License

The license registers your food truck/trailer/push-cart with the City. This DOES NOT allow you to operate. A permit is required to operate in the City. The license application can be found here.
There are 3 options for a license, depending on your operations in the City:
  • Monthly ($10)
  • Semi-Annual ($20)
  • Annual ($30 w/ $10 annual renewal)
The information you will need to submit for the license includes:
  1. Proof of Ohio Department of Taxation Transient Vendor’s License, if required by State law

  2. Copy of current and valid state vehicle registration information for the unit proposed to be permitted for food service operation

  3. Proof of current and valid license issued by the applicable department of health pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code to conduct retail food operations

  4. Federal Tax Identification number of Social Security Number if no Federal Tax Identification number is available. If the applicant is not current and compliant in the payment of any taxes on payroll and net profits, proof that the applicant has entered into an agreement to pay any delinquency and is abiding by the terms of the agreement is required at the time this application is submitted.

  5. Proof of liability and property damage insurance. Limits of such coverage shall not be less than $300,000 for Food Carts and not less than $1,000,000 for Food Trucks/Trailers.

  6. Inspection and approval of all fire extinguishers by the Circleville Fire Department

Step 2. Apply for a Permit

There are two different types of food truck/trailer/push-cart permits. The type of permit you must apply for depends on where you will be operating your food truck/trailer/push-cart. Both types of permits cost $10 and are valid for any three (3) consecutive days in a seven (7) consecutive day period. A separate permit must be obtained for each new period of operation or new location. The CS (Community Service) Zoning District is exempt from permits.

Food Truck Zoning Permit: when operating on private property

Food Truck Right-of-Way Permit: when operating in the public right-of-way (ex. street parking space)

Step 3. Operate your Food Truck/Trailer/Push-Cart!

Food Tents

Step 1. Apply for a Temporary Structure Permit

Temporary Structure Permit application can be found here. The fee is $10.
Small Food Tents (400 sq ft or less) – There shall be no more than twelve (12) special events on one property within a calendar year. The Small Food Tent shall only be erected for three (3) consecutive days or less for each qualifying Special Event.
Large Food Tents (greater than 400 sq ft) – There shall be no more than six (6) Special Events on one property within a calendar year. The food tent shall only be erected for seven (7) consecutive days or less for each qualifying Special Event.

Step 2. Operate your Food Tent!

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