Public Records Requests

The City of Circleville acknowledges that it maintains many records that are used in the administration and operation of the City of Circleville. These records are maintained in a manner that allows the City of Circleville to provide prompt inspection and/or copies within a reasonable amount of time during its regular business hours.

Ohio law does not require disclosure of your identity or intended use of requested records nor does it require that a request is in writing. However, a public office may ask that a request is in writing, disclosing the identity of the requestor and/or stating the intended use, when a written request, disclosure, or intended use would enhance the ability to comply with the request. Completing a Request for Records will help the City of Circleville promptly fulfill your request within a reasonable amount of time. Ohio law provides that public records, except for certain statutory exceptions, must be available at reasonable times during regular business hours. Upon request, the City of Circleville is afforded a reasonable period of time to assemble and organize these records, and have an attorney review and authorize each request before it is released. If any requested records are exempt from disclosure, the records, or parts thereof, will be withheld or redacted and you will be provided with a statement for such action.

The City of Circleville has a public records policy and a Schedule of Records Retention (RC-2) for each department. FEES The fee for black and white photocopies of either letter or legal size documents shall be as follows: the 1st thru the 5th copy will be provided at no charge to the requestor. Beginning with the 6th copy provided there is a charge of five cents ($.05) per copy. Advance payment, including the cost of USPS regular mail postage, is required before any copies are prepared.

Requests may be sent directly to the Department you are requesting records from.

Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request Form