Vacant Building Enforcement Program

The purpose of the establishment of a Vacant Building Enforcement Program is to regulate the maintenance of properties which are in the foreclosure process, abandoned or vacant. It has been established that structures which are left vacant for extended periods of time have been shown to breed crime, pose public safety risks, and reduce property values and the economic viability of the community in which they are found. This program is intended to reduce and prevent neighborhood blight, to avoid the creation and maintenance of public nuisances, to ameliorate conditions that threaten the public, safety and welfare, to promote neighborhood safety and occupancy by preserving the condition and appearance of residential properties and the worth and activity of commercial and industrial properties, and to maintain property values and assessments. This program further established a means of identifying the owner and/or responsible entities of vacant and/or abandoned properties; to determine the responsibilities of owners of vacant buildings and structures; to provide incentives for the rehabilitation and productive use of vacant buildings; to provide for the registration and certain maintenance requirements for the vacant and/or abandoned properties; and to otherwise shift the cost or burden of the existence of vacant residential and commercial structures from the general citizenry to the owners of the buildings.

View the full Vacant Building Enforcement Program ordinance here: Ordinance 11-56-2017 – Vacant Building Enforcement Program

Vacant Building Registration

Apply here: Vacant Building Registration Form

Registration Fees (residential/commercial):

  • 1st year – $200.00/$400.00
  • 2nd year – $400.00/$800.00
  • 3rd year – $800.00/$1,600.00
  • 4th year – $1,600.00/$3,200.00
  • 5th year and beyond: $3,200.00/$6,400.00

A plan for the maintenance of the vacant building must be submitted with the registration. The plan, at a minimum, must contain one of the following:

  • 1.   If the building is to be demolished, a demolition plan indicating the proposed time frame for demolition which includes starting within thirty days of acceptance of the proposed demolition time line and does not exceed one year in accordance with the City and Ohio Building Codes
  • 2.   If the building is to remain vacant, a plan for ensuring the building is secured in accordance with all applicable building and fire codes along with he procedure that will be used to maintain the property, and a statement of the reasons why the building will be left vacant (ex. the building is for sale, etc.)
  • 3.   If the building is to be returned to appropriate occupancy and use, rehabilitation plans for the building and grounds. The rehabilitation plan shall not exceed 12 months from the time the owner obtains permits, unless the Service Director grants an extension upon receipt of a written statement from the owner detailing the reasons for the extension. Any repairs, improvements or alterations to the property must comply with any applicable zoning, housing, historic preservation, or building codes, and the property must be secured during the rehabilitation.

Vacant Building Exemption

Apply here: Vacant Building Exemption Form

Below are the valid reasons for exemption from the Vacant Building Enforcement Program:

  • 1.   Damage to the Building (fire, vandalism, natural disaster, etc.)
  • 2.   The building is listed for sale
  • 3.   The building is listed for rent/lease
  • 4.   The building is under construction/being remodeled